Academic ESL A / Intensive Speak-out 6 - Level 6 (15 weeks: 270 hours)

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CaMLA Speaking

CaMLA Writing

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Course Description/ Goal

Academic ESL A and Intensive Speak-out 6 offer nonnative speakers guided practice in academic reading and writing. Students will read critically and write coherently. These courses also offer nonnative speakers guided practice in academic listening, note-taking, class discussions and presentation skills.

These courses help students develop academic reading and writing skills through examination of a wide range of reading materials and essay development; expand students’ ability to comprehend to academic lectures and discussion; further develop learners’ confidence and fluency; expand students’ ability to apply knowledge of advanced grammatical forms and structures when speaking in academic situations.

Course Hours

Academic ESL A: 210 hours (14 hrs/week), Intensive Speak-out 6: 60 hours (4 hrs/week)

*  F1 international students must take at least 18 hours a week as a full-time student to meet their F1 visa requirements.