Student Services

Once students have been admitted, the prospective international students are given a Pre-arrival packet that includes information about academics, lawful immigration procedures and statues, and life in New York through USPS mail or email.

On-site Student Orientation for all new students is conducted approximately one week prior to the students’ first day of class.  Based on the individual’s academic objectives, the student is offered advice on curriculum and course selection by the Office Manager. The purpose of orientation is to better familiarize students with the school environment and to provide important information necessary for successful course completion.  This is also an opportunity for students to ask questions about the school, curriculum, and hand in any final registration documents.  Family members are welcome to attend.  Digital copies of the Student Handbook are available to all prospective students.  Upon request, an admitted student will receive either a digital copy via email, or a printed copy.  The Office Manager will review the Handbook with the student and answer any questions the student may have.  The student must sign a Handbook Acknowledgement Form acknowledging receipt and comprehension of the information contained in the Student Handbook.

Amlotus has office managers, directors, school agents, and international student advisors (DSOs) available to answer to the questions regarding school and immigration policies and regulations, along with your personal concerns or matters.  They are available from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm on Monday through Friday, and can be reached by telephone at (212) 912-0100, or via email at Emails are checked on a daily basis. Students will also be provided academic advising/testing, and advising on college admissions from teachers during the teacher’s office hours upon the request.   

AMLOTUS students will be issued a photo ID upon registration.  To request an ID, students should contact the Office Manager as soon as they are registered for classes.  Students should carry their IDs with them at all times while in attendance at the school. AMLOTUS student IDs entitle students to any applicable benefits which students receive. If the ID card is lost, each additional ID will cost $10.00. The student ID entitles the student to discounts with any company that offers discounts to students currently enrolled in school.

The computer lab (Classroom II) is available for individual student use when the room is not being used for class. Students are not permitted to download software onto these computers, but they are free to use the computers for independent and classroom practice. The computer lab (Classroom II) is available for student use anytime there are no classes being held. Students may not download any software onto these computers, but are free to use these computers for independent and classroom practice.

This student service is only offered at Amlotus Manhattan Campus.

Normally, tutoring is available for 4 hours per week in the Computer Lab with an experienced Tutor to assist students with lessons and studies.

Computer Tutorial Lab Schedule*: 
Tuesdays: 5:30 – 7:30
Fridays: 3:00 – 5:00             

* Students please talk to an AMLOTUS Agent for current Computer Tutorial Lab Schedule.

Student Enrollment Agreements and payment records shall be kept on site for a maximum of 7 years.  After seven years, the records may be moved off-site, but students will still be available for a maximum of 20 years. Students may request records at any time within the given time period.

Within 20 years of the date of his/her graduation, a student may request that Amlotus supply an official (sealed) or non-official transcript.  A Transcript Request Form must be completed by the student.  There is a $10 charge for each transcript.

All lost and found items are to be reported to Amlotus Agents, and these items will be kept in the “Lost & Found” box.  A student should immediately contact an Agent for information if he/she realizes any item has been lost at the school.  After 30 calendar days, the school will not be responsible for keeping these items.

AMLOTUS has partnered with 4stay to provide housing services for its students. Start your accommodation search near Amlotus School NOW.

Amlotus does not provide students with any type of health insurance.  We strongly recommend that each student obtain an individual insurance policy in case of illness or emergency.  There are serious consequences that can be associated with lack of health insurance.  In the United States, medical care is not free, and the U.S government does not offer it at a low cost. Therefore, in any emergency or catastrophic care, medical care services can be very expensive, which can jeopardize a student’s ability to maintain financial obligations and consequently affect a student’s ability to maintain a full-time status, which is required by DHS immigration regulations. Amlotus is not responsible for any students incurred by illness, accident, or emergency medical treatment.

During Orientation, each student will be given a referral list which will contain the names and addresses of places where he/she might be able to obtain health insurance. If a student needs additional referrals, the Office Manager will be glad to assist the student with that.

Amlotus schedules field trips for students in each ESL course. The instructor plans these trips, and the students get exposure to different activities. If fees are required, students are informed in advance of the fees required and responsible for any cost related to field trips. Students also should review rules of safety below with their instructor before leaving the campus.

Amlotus recognizes the importance of field trips and recreational activities as part of the entire ESL learning experience.  The school also recognizes the importance of safety during this time.  With that in mind, Amlotus has adopted the following safety procedures that each and every instructor MUST go over before embarking on a field trip or recreational activity.

  • Classes must meet at Amlotus. The instructor will take attendance and the students will leave the campus together.
  • All students must sign a waiver of injury form and return to the Office Manager.
  • All students should bring cell phones with them.
  • Students should have the school phone number, as well as the instructor’s cell phone number.
  • Students should make the instructor aware of any health-related issues (food allergies, asthma, etc.) prior to leaving the school.
  • The instructor should explain to the students clearly the route (buses, trains, etc.) that will be taken to and from the field trip, as well as the actual destination address.
  • Students should IMMEDIATELY contact their instructor or the school if they get separated from their class.
  • In cases of extreme emergencies, students should call 911 or contact the nearest police officer.
  • At the end of the trip, the instructor will again take attendance to make sure that all students have returned to the camps safely.
  • If ANY problems arise on a field trip, the instructor and the student should contact the Academic Coordinator IMMEDIATELY to inform him or Office Staff of the problem.