Transfer Student

Any F-1 student who has maintained his/her status as indicated in immigration regulations is eligible for a school transfer. An F-1 student who did not pursue a full course of study at the school he or she previously attended is ineligible for school transfer and must file a reinstatement at a transfer-in school.

  1. Complete an international student application form for SEVIS I-20 and submit it via on-line or in person at AmLotus along with $50 USD payment for registration fee.
  2. Submit us required supporting documents
    – Transfer release form
    – Copy of previously issued Form I-20
    – Copy of I-94 printout. Should you need help: Go to: (
    – Copy of a valid passport and visa pages (I-797 Approval Notice for COS students)
    – High school diploma or college transcripts/diploma 
    – Proof of financial support (must include an affidavit of support along with a bank statement), Affidavit of Support Form
  1. Schedule an appointment for the placement test and register and make payment for an AmLotus Full-time Intensive Academic and ESL Language Program
  2. Attend our New Student Orientation and start your course Amlotus.